Senjata Api
Jenis Koleksi : Teknologika / Modern
Fungsi Koleksi :
Umur Koleksi : awal abad 18

This is a muzzle-loader, percussion lock pistol. The ramrod and parts of the firing mechanism are missing. It forms a pair with the similar pistol 05/SA/MSJ/2009. On the butt-plate is an image of the head of a helmeted soldier. On the lock plate the same inscription is found as on 05/SA/MSJ/2009: LEMPEREUR PARIS, possibly referring the Emperor Napoleon of France.. From Jarboek 1938: 22154 a and b, a pair of pistols. The lock is arranged for the use of percussion-caps. With silver plating, in which trophies are engraved. On the knob an oval medaillon in which a head with a helmet can be seen. The tray is of dark brown wood with some carving. Ramrod still present. Early 19th century. a and b are the same size, length 34.5 cm, caliber 15 mm. Donated by Mr. P.H.J.M. Maseland, deputy principal officer of the police in Batavia.